The brief was to design a name and an identity for the study support centre at Goodison Park that would help promote Everton FC within the community and to advertise the links between EFC and education.

Extra Time brand identity for Everton FC

Designed while at GVC

The initial hurdle on this job was deciding a name for the support centre. Originally the name 'Cleverton' was pitched - Creative Learning at Everton, but this was (after a few design stages) rejected on the basis it may be elitist (using clever) and not targeting the actual users of the support centre (who were students who had become disaffected with a 'normal' school environment and it was hope that through linking football and learning they would re-engage).

Extra Time works on many levels, it has the football meaning and also it sums up the support centre which offers the students extra time after their school day to enjoy a different learning experience. The colours were taken from the existing Everton FC crest, the initial letter 'e' was made to look like an @ sign - to try to hint at the new technology, I also like the fact it is encompassing, almost like an arm of support around your shoulder.


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