How do you make a gel that fills tyres to stop you getting punctures interesting and exciting? You think differently and produce a brand that is memorable and iconic.

Performing Seal brand identity and brand guidelines

Designed while at Scarlet Arch

Once the name had been conjured up the identity almost slotted in to place, I needed to design a seal that was somehow performing and as the nature of the product was to do with tyre filling I gave it a circus feel with a juggling seal. I wanted to design a ‘character’ along the same lines as the Churchill dog. After my initial sketches had been sent to a company to produce a CGI the character was still not there so I produced the identity using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop – with a lot of airbrush work to get tone and shade.


For further examples of the brand guidelines, the advertising and the digital seal illustrations click the relevant word to access the link.